Pakistani Players To Be Or Not To Be in IPL 2014

IPL had always remained in discussion since the day of its emergence. Sometimes the issues related to Lalit Modi, the field fight of Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh or the recent news of Sreesanth about the match fixing had always placed them in the top.

The rumor panel behind the upcoming IPL 2014 has already been set before the end of IPL 2013. Who is going to be in which team or who will be left behind? Everything is under controversy right now. The upcoming IPL 6 has been predicted by the entire world in their manner. Presence of new team or disappearance of few known names and even some other stuff that was never expected from IPL is expected this time.

IPL 2014 is definitely going to be a surprise box this year and everyone had started waiting for it with their bated breath. IPL 2013 is not yet completed but the demand of IPL could be understood in a way that mass has already started to plan for IPL 2014.

pakistani player in ipl 2014

Another headline

Many sources are known to discuss about the emergence of Pakistani player in IPL 2014. Though the truth behind this rumor is as disguised as the knowledge about the funds of Sharda Chit Fund. When these rumors were discussed with the IPL chairman Mr. Rajeev Shukla, he came up with very dual statement.

According to his verdict IPL is never against any country or their player.  He further said that Pakistani coaches or other staff are directly or indirectly involve with IPL but when the question about the involvement of the players came he said that he cannot comment anything on that as it was too big issue to decide. He says that for deciding this he need the vote of the entire management.

View of common people

India has remained a heaven for cricketers and it is also known as a place that respects people. When the issues about involving the players were discussed with the common people they came up with mixed reaction. Some were totally in the favor of bringing them back as it would have build up the relation between the two nations. Some said that it is a game and hence it shouldn’t be mixed with political issues and a game that lacks sportsmanship couldn’t be termed as a fair game but rest has the same view which most people in India possess, they say that it is call for danger.

People have different views but they all know that if it will happen than they will surely get big fight. Whatever may be the decision they all know that it is going to be a grand scene.

What could be expected?

IPL 2014 has a lot for you in store. No one knows what could happen in the upcoming IPL but it is for sure that you will have unlimited fun. There are many efficient Pakistani players including Mohammad Imran, Sohaib Mullick, Sahid Afridi and many more who can prove gem to IPL. No one knows but surely you will get a big package of entertainment.

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